Consultants tell you what to do, then leave.

Coaches lean over the team’s shoulders and advise.

When you engage with C3 Visionary Strategies, you are building capacity for your team to develop and grow. We are the next best thing to a permanent member of your team without the expense and overhead that comes with hiring executive-level talent. Our engagements vary with each client based on their evolving needs, goals, and budget. We can work with you temporarily or long-term.

While we certainly offer advice and insights to help you develop the right strategies and approaches to achieving your goals, we also become an extension of your team. We facilitate 1:1 and group training for your staff and board, fill talent gaps, and develop strategies and work plans. We support your team, helping them recognize and embrace their talents and professional development goals, and work in partnership with you and your team to refine and create short- and long-term plans that serve as daily road maps to inform priorities and output.

Our expertise is developing marketing and communications strategies that drive revenue. We help leaders make their vision a reality.

The three Cs.


Communication – Tell Your Story To:

  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Attract talent
  • Engage donors
  • Connect with prospect clients
  • Establish thought leadership

Capacity Building – Training/Goal Development

  • Intentional talent recruitment for staff and/or Board of Directors
  • Recognize existing resources and how to access new resources
  • Manage and map vision that fosters inspiration and encouragement

Commitment – Focused Action

  • Talent retention
  • Impact
  • Mission-driven
  • Values aligned

If you have a vision for your business, and are interested in an external analysis and fresh perspective, contact us. Let’s schedule a time to meet so that we can determine the best approach to developing a strategy that works for your team and budget.

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